I blend ethereal and emotive vibrations with transformative breathwork to guide you to higher states of mind, health & spirit



Based in Los Angeles California, Avery is a breath work facilitator, certified massage therapist, sound healer and reiki practitioner. 

The foundation of Avery’s healing art is sound healing.

Which operates on the guiding principle that everything is vibration and that the difference between matters – wood vs steel – is the vibrational pattern it is performing. Emotions also vibrate and effect the body on a molecular level. When one experiences the powerful vibrations of a gong or bowl, the body beings to resonate back into healthy harmonic state of vibration on a physical, emotional, and energetic level.  This is why Sound is such an effective healing modality. Not only is it a highly enjoyable experience but it is also the link between matter and spirit on a vibrational level!

Avery uses breath work, pranayama, to guide you into deeper states of consciousness.

Pranayama is a practice relating to the control and regulation of the breath through specific breathing techniques and exercises. Pranayama exercises help us to clear physical and emotional blocks or obstacles in the body so that the breath, and prana, can flow freely. Pranayama uses the breath to direct and expand the flow of prana through energy channels in our bodies – called the nadis. While attention to the breath is a central part of any yoga practice, Pranayama involves specific breathing exercises that can either be practised on their own, or as part of a Hatha yoga (physical yoga) practice.

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