Avery is a healing artist devoted to facilitating self-liberation, empowerment and expansion of consciousness via the creative process

Uniquely threading together various forms of the esoteric arts, such as: pranayama, sound and bodywork, his approach creates a safe space for love and healing for all walks of life. Born and raised in Ohio to body and energy workers, his exposure to the esoteric healing arts came at a young age, but only fell into true alignment with his being during his adulthood. His own experience, breakthroughs and transformation from this work are what continue to inspire him to learn and share these sacred modalities with others.

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Avery is truly a master of his craft. Whether it’s private sessions in my home or facilitating breathwork for 85 of my clients in a conference setting, his work is life changing. The level of intention and attention he brings welcomes healing and profound. I cannot recommend Avery enough. Grateful to have him as a healer, guide and brother on my path.”

Nichole Sylvester

Bestselling Author of OH SHIFT & Host of Harmonious Hustle

Avery’s weekly meditations are what got me through the stresses of the pandemic. They continue to help me on many levels and are especially supportive to my productivity and workflow. I rarely miss a session.


Head of user and production operations at TikTok

Over the last year, Avery Whitmore has brought his mastery of Breathwork and other healing modalities to an ecosystem that is composed of The Mortgage Phoenix Group, Legacy Real Estate Group and Equity Trust Escrow. What we have seen in the last year have vibrational gains that is hard to quantify. His work has helped heal so many individuals within the ecosystem that general energy levels are off the chart, which has obviously led to financial gains for all three organizations. In addition, his presence alone creates stable and anchor like energy, something that is treasured during tumultuous times, like the ones we are living through.

Francisco Jara

Founder Giving Business Soul & The Phoenix Mortgage Group